Size and Burn Time: Each jar holds approximately 12 oz of wax with an average burn time of approximately 70 hours when burned for 3-4 hours at a time. For optimal burning please read the burning instructions below.

Ingredients: Wicked • Woven candles and wax shots are made using 100% soy wax and only the finest, premium fragrance oils, uniquely blended to create their wicked candle line. 

Burning Instructions: Light your wood wick all the way across. 

It is important to allow the melt pool of wax to reach the edges of the container  prior to blowing out. This will prevent candle tunneling.

On the subsequent burns, simply flake off the charred top portion of the wood wick with your finger prior to lighting.

Wicked Home:
Room Sprays use a skin safe, air safe, and animal safe base with our custom blended premium fragrance oils. 

Wicked Body: Wicked • Woven body oils use a natural jojoba oil and premium fragrance oils custom blended to roll on to skin. Please keep away from eyes and sensitive areas.
Our body mists use a skin safe, air safe, and animal safe base combined with our premium fragrance oils blends. Please keep away from eyes and sensitive areas. Some oils are richer than others and will settle at the bottom of the bottle. Simply give the bottle a shake before spritzing.

Wicked MerchWe are proud to carry this line of Made In the USA and union produced, flat brim, snapback hats.

Refills: We are extremely sad to announce the wax company we were using for our drop-in refills went out of business. If you live local to Raleigh, NC, we accept cleaned out Wicked • Woven jars to refill at the same price as the drop-ins ($15). Email us to make those arraignments. For our out of town customers, please email us to discuss a special price on your next purchase.