the Wicked ∙ Woven story

Lauren's first candle was created with one specific purpose: to rally a friend in need with the battle cry "Be A Fucking Wolf" and share comfort in the form of a warm, uplifting scent.  It started with that simple gesture, a pick-me-up, a thoughtful gift, but it has become the lifeblood of Wicked ∙ Woven.

With friends fast spreading the word, Lauren's mission evolved to create a collection of products to stand out from the pack, in quality, scent, and beauty.  Her business was born into the wild.

You can find Wicked ∙ Woven in shops and boutiques along the East Coast and at a variety of shows and conventions.  Check the schedule for upcoming events here.

Every unique candle is customized, painted, and poured by hand in the Wicked ∙ Woven workshop in Raleigh NC.  Learn more about Lauren's process here.  Get in touch here.